Advancing The Family
Of Believers

The BHMI units have astute professionals leading them. With their wealth of experience, they help the units tackle different challenges as they arise.


An Inspired and
Inspirational Team

Dr. Ayodele Odutayo & Dr. Kenny Ekpo(Ph.D)
Dr. Ayodele Odutayo & Dr. Kenny Ekpo(Ph.D) Team Lead, Health and Recreation Unit
Prof J.K Oloke
Prof J.K Oloke Team Lead, Education and Empowerment Unit
Chidinma Owasi Team Lead, Food, care and Shelter
Tomi Oloke (PhD)
Tomi Oloke (PhD) Team Lead, Visitation and reconciliation Unit.
Chidinma Owasi Team Lead, Marriage Counselling Unit.
Segun Ariyo
Segun Ariyo Team Lead, Media and Publications Unit.