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1. Alexa Alert

Thanks to this incredible technology, you can live a life almost completely void of annoying interaction, which is wonderful, but makes accountability difficult. Introducing Alexa Alert: the accountability assistant. This funny illustration originally appeared in Jesus Changes Everything with Nick Hall.

2. Ballad of a Misunderstood Teen

Parents are the most important influence in a teenager’s life, but sometimes they can’t help but drive their kids crazy. This rap is a funny expression of teen girl angst over how her parents treat her.

3. Supergirl Dates

What girl doesn’t want to find a great guy? Sometimes looking for someone special means you have to have some high standards. This humorous illustration shows a teen Supergirl who’s almost a too good to be true.

4. Godzilla Needs a Friend

Who would have thought—even Godzilla needs friends! Use this humorous illustration to start a conversation with students on how to befriend those who others outcast. This illustration was originally featured in Better Than One with Dhati Lewis. 

5. Back to the Lame Future

Technology complicates our relationships. We have so many avenues of communication, but struggle to find actual friendships. This humorous illustration shows just how disconnected teens can be from real people. It was originally featured in Better Than One with Dhati Lewis.

6. Fast Friends

It take teamwork to get a job done—even if that job is cleaning up a grocery store. Use this humorous illustration to teach teens the value of working together. It was originally featured in Better Than One with Dhati Lewis.

7. Real World Magic Kingdom

What happens when the Disney princesses all live together under one roof? Drama! This humorous illustration shows how even sweet, good girls have flawed friendships.

8. Living with Grim

Are you living with death? This clever video points to what we’re really doing when we get comfortable with the sin in our life. This illustration is featured in “Awaken” Youth Bible Study, featuring D.A. Horton.

9. 800-Pound Gorilla

So often sin starts as something small, something we think we can manage on our own. But, before we know it, it becomes the 800-pound gorilla in the room, disrupting every part of our life. This funny illustration points to the very real impact sin can have on us and those around us. This illustration is featured in “Awaken” Youth Bible Study, featuring D.A. Horton.

10. The Fault in Our Bars

Watch what happens when four students suddenly find themselves lost in the woods—with no cell phone service! This funny illustration shows how our technology has impacted how we communicate with one another. This video is featured in the Decisions Bible Study with Eric Mason.

11. Discipleship Clones

Making disciples takes effort. Fortunately for you the folks at Bio-Ble Genetics have introduced Discipleship Clones. Now, you can leave all the hard work of disciple making to your clone! This silly youth video was featured in the Life on Mission Bible Study with David Platt and DA Horton.

12. How Not to Pray

Prayer can be intimidating, especially with a group of people. This parody instructional video gives important insight on what to avoid when praying. This illustration can also be found in Prayer with Francis Chan.

13. Mankey

This funny video illustration depicts a high school student who just might be the missing link in the evolutionary chain…or is he?

14. Handbook

Sometimes we go through life, making difficult decisions, and forget to seek the wisdom God has given to us in His Word. This funny illustration points out how silly it is when we forget to read the handbook. This illustration was featured in the Life on Mission Bible Study with David Platt and DA Horton.

15. Top Church

Is the perfect church something that can be found through working every detail to an exact end? Or is the perfect church even possible? Watch this funny illustration about the strange standards we sometimes hold for our churches.

16. The Bible: Deleted Scenes

This funny video illustration imagines some conversations and scenarios that Bible characters might have gotten into if cameras captured more than Scripture recorded.

17. Prayer Hands

Opportunities to pray are all around us, but do we really see them? This funny illustration reminds us to put prayer first. This illustration can also be found in Prayer with Francis Chan.

18. Praying Mantis Man

It doesn’t take super powers to pray, but Praying Mantis Man has made prayer his mission. This silly comic book spoof teaches students the importance of prayer. This illustration can also be found in Prayer with Francis Chan.

19. Darth Vader in My Small Group

What if Darth Vader were part of your high school small group? This funny video illustration shows what life is like for a teenager who can’t say no to the dark side.


This funny illustration shows how ridiculous and destructive it is when we let things like peer pressure and fun lead us into willful sin.

21. It's Sunday

This humorous illustration is a music video parody of the pop song Friday that imagines the song as a teenager’s anthem for her time in her Sunday youth group.

22. Ironhead

We love our superheroes, but what if they were superficial and prejudiced, only rescuing people they liked? Would we still think they were the good guys? True heroes help everyone in need.

23. Thumbwar

What if ultimate fighting was really ultimate thumb fighting? This humorous video illustration will make you want to declare a thumb war.

24. Presidential Peer Pressure

The President and his advisers convene for an important meeting, but the advice he gets is shaky at best. Will he nuke Madagascar because it’s the “in” thing to do?

25. the Bourne Conception

After all of the trials that Jason Bourne has been through, nothing can prepare him for his next assignment: fatherhood.

26. BOPS (Bible-Oriented Policing Services)

If you think they’re tough on C.O.P.S., wait until you see these B.O.P.S* officers in action. With a Bible and a megaphone, they pull no punches in dealing with a teenager who has fallen victim to sloth. *Bible-Oriented Policing Services

27. Twilight

What would it look like to see vampires stuck in their elderly years, the twilight of their lives? This hilarious spoof of a popular teen saga will change the way you see the elderly… forever.

28. The Bills

Before you can make it in The Hills, you have to get to know The Bills. In this funny spoof of a popular reality show, find out why this is a reality show based on real life reality … really.

29. eFighting

After all of the trials that Jason Bourne has been through, nothing can prepare him for his next assignment: fatherhood.

30. Noah vs. Terminator

It was only a matter of time before these two great titans of history clashed. The man destined to save humanity versus the machine bent on destroying it. A storm is coming. Will the machines reign, or will the rain…reign? Find out in this funny clip.

31. Heroes Rejects

If superheroes randomly develop their powers, wouldn’t it make sense that some might develop abilities that are less useful than flying and time travel? Like the ability to shoot whipped cream from their knuckles or cause really bad breath? We’re not scientists, but we think this makes perfect sense.

32. No-Lidders

Some people are content to coast through life. Not these guys. They’ve chosen a life of risk, adventure, and “no coffee cup lids.” This spoof on extreme sports is a helpful illustration to teach about the adventurous life God desires for us.

33. Handbell Hero

If you rock out to Guitar Hero, you will love the newest form of musical simulation, Handbell Hero!

34. High School Musical 4-square

In a world of injustice, one man will defy the odds… and dance it out!

35. Biblical Phatheads |

This funny video illustration is a spoof on a popular commercial we’ve all seen and it’s sure to make you laugh. Classic and collectible, Biblical Phatheads are designed with passion for true Bible fans. You’re gonna want one of these!

36. WOW! That's Worship?

For the very first time hear all your favorite worship songs sung by the glorious death metal band Plagues of Xodus. Hear them take the age-old classics and make them new! This commercial parody will have you saying: Wow! That’s worship?

37. Nerd Law: Oversized Backpack

In this comical video illustration, the Nerds of the Periodic Table regroup to discuss one of the main reasons they get picked on…the oversized backpack.

38. Teen Stunt Man: Nerd

Teen Stunt Man’s gone crazy as he’s trying to spend five minutes with a nerd without making fun of him. This comical video illustration shows that being nice to someone shouldn’t be that difficult.

39. Teen Stunt Man: Mall

Another dangerous stunt by Teen Stunt Man, spending time with the family…in public. A humorous video illustration showing that hanging out with the family probably isn’t all that difficult.

40. Teen Stunt Man: Bible

Teen Stunt Man attempts a daring feat to read a chapter in the Bible without being interrupted. This tongue-in-cheek video illustration shows that reading the Bible probably shouldn’t be that difficult.