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1. The Outreach: Helping the Needy

The Outreach is a hilarious parody that mimics the goal of the RightNow Conferences. So what does it look like exactly to help someone in need? There’s only one way to find out.

2. The Outreach: Big Brother

The Outreach is a hilarious parody that mimics the goal of the RightNow Conferences. So what does it look like exactly to sponsor a child? There’s only one way to find out.

3. The Outreach: Starving Kids

The Outreach is a hilarious parody that mimics the goal and vision of the RightNow Conferences. What does it look like to help starving children in Africa? There’s only one way to find out.

4. No-Lidders

Some people are content to coast through life. Not these guys. They’ve chosen a life of risk, adventure, and “no coffee cup lids.” This spoof on extreme sports is a helpful illustration to teach about the adventurous life God desires for us.

5. Fire Station Failure

This amusing illustration shows the results of training for a job but never doing the job. What would happen if we didn’t venture out of our “training center” to bring Christ to a hurting world.

6. The Bills

Before you can make it in The Hills, you have to get to know The Bills. In this funny spoof of a popular reality show, find out why this is a reality show based on real life reality … really.

7. Ironhead

We love our superheroes, but what if they were superficial and prejudiced, only rescuing people they liked? Would we still think they were the good guys? True heroes help everyone in need.

8. Superman Dates

Do you have a hard time getting a date or relating to the opposite sex? You’re not alone. This humorous video illustration proves that even superheroes don’t always get it right.

9. Heroes Rejects

If superheroes randomly develop their powers, wouldn’t it make sense that some might develop abilities that are less useful than flying and time travel? Like the ability to shoot whipped cream from their knuckles or cause really bad breath? We’re not scientists, but we think this makes perfect sense.

10. Twilight

What would it look like to see vampires stuck in their elderly years, the twilight of their lives? This hilarious spoof of a popular teen saga will change the way you see the elderly… forever.

11. Noah vs. Terminator

It was only a matter of time before these two great titans of history clashed. The man destined to save humanity versus the machine bent on destroying it. A storm is coming. Will the machines reign, or will the rain…reign? Find out in this funny clip.

12.Presidential Peer Pressure

The President and his advisers convene for an important meeting, but the advice he gets is shaky at best. Will he nuke Madagascar because it’s the “in” thing to do?

13. The Bourne Conception

After all of the trials that Jason Bourne has been through, nothing can prepare him for his next assignment: fatherhood.

14. eFighting

Are you a ticking-time bomb of rage and bitterness? Are you so tired of counseling and self-control and “talking it out”? Do you believe that the best way to resolve conflict is with a couple of crossbows? Then eFighting is just what you’re looking for.

15. Crazy Sunday

This humorous video illustration is a parody of the Saturday Night Live Digital Short: Lazy Sunday.

16. Wilford Maybree's Famous Hymns

This parody of music commercials playfully looks at fictional music star, Wilford Maybree’s renditions of famous hymns.

17. Is Your Faith In Kindergarten?

What if you were 38 years old and still in kindergarten because you were afraid to move into the unknown? This entertaining illustration is a gentle kick to get people to grow up.

18. Wazzup!?

This funny video illustration takes a humorous look at the famous “Budweiser” beer commercial.

19.Pickin' on Love

This side-splitting parody of a music commercial makes fun of outrageous dating pick-up lines.

20. Simplify Your Life

This 43-second parody of a car commercial is designed to encourage rethinking our priorities.

21. Bad Date

This parody mimics the popular dating show Blind Date. A humorous sermon illustration.

22. Prayermasters

This spoof of a self-improvement infomercial acknowledges the anxiety many people experience when asked to pray in public. PrayerMasters offers an outrageous solution for a confident prayer life. Use this laughable video illustration to teach on the real heart motives and meaning of prayer.

23. Lifeguards

This entertaining illustration shows the mishaps that could happen if lifeguards didn’t take their duties seriously. People around you are drowning to hear the hope of life in Jesus Christ. Are you ignoring them?

24. Order Your Faith

When we choose to follow Jesus, He is Lord. We do not order our lives; He directs our path. This coffee shop illustration is a comical look at “ordering” the easy parts of living out our faith.

25. Community Safari

It’s exciting to watch wildlife channels in the comfort of our own home, but are we silent observers to the people around us? This funny illustration shows a small group that doesn’t know what to do with the “wild life” in their own neighborhood.

26. ThyPhone

With features including a lip balm dispenser, a beard and nose hair trimmer, and a tazer, this amazing all-in-one phone has primarily focused on your physical well-being…until now. Our newest application is supplication. Your prayer life will never be the same.

27. Tithe (Donuts)

When we give our tithes and offerings, we aren’t giving away our own possessions, but offering back to God what is already His. This clever video illustration visually sets up the reality that everything comes from God.

28. How To Avoid Misusing the Bible

The Bible is a vital tool in building, guiding and protecting our faith, and it’s important that it be used correctly. This off-the-wall illustration offers encouragement for studying God’s Word.

29. Precious Greetings

This silly “Hallmark” card commercial shows you how to express your true feelings.

30. Christian Movie Reviewers

Harkening back to the glory days of Siskel and Ebert, these heavenly critics (although they prefer to be called encouragers) bring a unique style and ratings system to their Christian movie reviews. You’re sure to give them 5 stars, two thumbs up, ten halos….

31. How To Fit In at Almost Any Church Service

Somebody left this instructional video at our doorstep, and we couldn’t believe how insightful it was. Since watching this hilarious video illustration, our producers haven’t been forcibly escorted out of a church service in months. A funny illustration on how not to fit in at a church.

32. Mr. Likes to Play Worship Music

In this hilarious video illustration spoof of a popular beer commercial, we salute a young musician who volunteers his talent with less than spiritual intentions.

33. Mr. Makes Change in the Offering Plate Guy

In a hilarious parody of a popular beer commercial, we explore the most frowned upon practice of ‘giving’ in church. This video illustration is sure to break the ice on differing perceptions on tithing.

34. Witnessola

It is possible, due to innovative technology, to witness without actually knowing the Gospel, but maybe we should learn it ourselves. This humorous video illustration will make you laugh… and think!

35. Truth vs. Deception

This humorous video illustration spoof shows Deception lying in an attempt to trick Truth into believing what he believes is true…or is it the other way around?

36. Self-Control vs. Self-Indulgence

This funny spoof of a popular computer commercial reveals the potential consequences of Self-Indulgence. This video illustration is sure to make you want more Self-Control since Self-Indulgence is a bit confused.

37. Faith vs. Fear

In this witty video illustration parody, Faith and Fear go head-to-head trying to convince the other one that their view on things makes more sense.

38. Bible vs. Mammon

This clever parody is a humorous debate between Bible and Mammon. In this video illustration we learn why Biblical blessings trump material riches.

39. Prayer - Live Richly

This off-the-wall parody of a popular bank commercial makes a great sermon illustration. Frustrations with recorded phone operators lead to massive confusion but shows us how wonderful prayer is – a direct line to God.

40. What Inspires You?

In an attempt to motivate his “troops,” a soldier uses lines from famous movies and songs. His humorous speech inspires the group.