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1. A World in Chaos

In this man-on-the-street-style interview, people of all backgrounds discuss the quickly-decaying nature of today’s world. This video appeared originally in the series “Thriving in Babylon” featuring Larry Osborne.

2. Poverty Defined

When most people think of poverty, their mind goes first to a lack of material possessions. But is a lack of material goods the fundamental issue among the world’s poor? This illustration, produced in partnership with the Chalmers Center, is from the “Helping Without Hurting” video Bible Study and challenges us to think about poverty in a more holistic way.

3. Awake O Sleeper

We’re prone to live a sleepy faith. We lose sight of what we’ve been rescued from and what we’ve been called to do. This poetic illustration calls Christians to wake up from their slumbering faith and realize the riches of the life they’ve been called to in Christ. This illustration is featured in “Awaken” Youth Bible Study, featuring D.A. Horton.

4. Follow

In this moving illustration, a young man reflects on his relationship with his father, realizing the impact that seeing his father’s faith lived out made on him. Use this clip to encourage parents to be intentional about living a faith that is seen by their children.

5. Outreach Couch

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in the comfort of your home and not get involved in the messy world? This cheesy sales pitch is a comical look at being an outwardly-focused small group.

6. The Outreach: Starving Kids

The Outreach is a hilarious parody that mimics the goal and vision of the RightNow Conferences. What does it look like to help starving children in Africa? There’s only one way to find out.

7. The Outreach: Helping the Needy

The Outreach is a hilarious parody that mimics the goal of the RightNow Conferences. So what does it look like exactly to help someone in need? There’s only one way to find out.

8. The Outreach: Big Brother

The Outreach is a hilarious parody that mimics the goal of the RightNow Conferences. So what does it look like exactly to sponsor a child? There’s only one way to find out.

9. The World Waits (Unleash your Congregation)

Many people think that they can’t make a difference. They live distracted lives; focus on their failures. This moving illustration inspires church leaders to unleash their people and small groups to do what they were made to do for the sake of the Gospel.

10. The Mission of the Church Matters

The world is full of pain, need, isolation and desperation, but God has a plan. We are God’s chosen tool for hope and change. This moving illustration is a call for the people of the church to step up. Will you be a part of it?

11. Beyond Our Walls

The church was called to be dynamic and people who change the world will not be stopped. This moving illustration inspires us to tear down walls that keep us from living our lives as God leads.

12. History of Traders

Sacrifice is trading something you love, for something you love more. This inspirational illustration shows the significant things people throughout history have traded in to serve Christ.

13. Witnessola

It is possible, due to innovative technology, to witness without actually knowing the Gospel, but maybe we should learn it ourselves. This humorous video illustration will make you laugh… and think!

14. What does it take to be a Superhero?

Sometimes it seems like special skills or talents are required to be a superhero. This clever video illustration is a reminder that a heart willing to love and serve is enough to change lives.

15. Bubble Creek Canyon

Take a tour of Bubble Creek Canyon, a master-planned community where you can live in a Christian bubble and truly be set apart. This exaggerated illustration challenges us to make an impact in our world.

16. Parable of the Fishing Trip

Watch as this group slowly delegates their fishing to the guide. Excuses, lack of knowledge, and a lack of purpose keep these fishermen from fishing themselves.


17. Iraq: A Soldier's Story of Faith

Could you lead troops into battle? In this soul-stirring clip, an Army captain shares his experience pushing the peace in Iraq. It takes faith to survive in such circumstances, but he’s committed to serving his country, and his Lord.

18. Is the Church Relevant?

We scoured the streets to ask people if the church is relevant to today’s culture. This video illustration will stir thoughts and discussion in your group.

19. The Greatest Story Ever Told

This emotional clip shows the power of gathering as a family during the Christmas holiday and reading the account of Christ’s birth. For everyone, everywhere, it’s still the greatest story ever told

20. He Has Set The Times

This reflective illustration challenges us to use our gifts, talents and skills to glorify God where He has planted us.

21. Headphones featuring Jars of Clay

There are lonely and hurting people right in front of our eyes. Will we choose to block out all the noise and need, or will we take our headphones off and make a difference? Featuring the song, Headphones by Jars of Clay.

22. Not An Expert

We often worry that we aren’t strong enough, smart enough, or spiritual enough to make a difference. This funny video illustration reminds us that we don’t have to be an expert to help a person in need.

23. Only One

Everyone believes in something. So what makes Christianity unique? This powerful illustration reveals the major differences between Christianity and other faiths.

24. The Lost Sheep

A clear and simple presentation of the Gospel, this resonant video illustration uses a lost lamb to illustrate the Roman Road and the path to salvation. This clip is helpful for sharing the Gospel.

25. Engage the World

Are we the same person Monday through Saturday that we are on Sunday? Do we let our faith engage those around us, or do we hide it? This powerful video illustration asks these challenging questions about our own lives.

26. Heroes - Mother Teresa

This modern day, short monologue looks at Mother Teresa’s commitment to serving the poor and downtrodden in India.

27. Heroes - Jim Elliot

This modern day, short monologue looks at the life and death of missionary, Jim Elliot who was martyred while spreading the gospel in South America.

28. The Body of Christ

Handing out Bibles, feeding the hungry, mentoring the fatherless… all of us play a significant role in serving other people as the body of Christ. We are the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus Christ. Use this powerful video illustration to speak on the body of Christ and serving others. “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.” (1 Corinthians 12:12)

29. Around the World

A fast-paced visual tour around the world reveals overwhelming physical and spiritual needs. A challenging sermon illustration.

30. What Would You Do?

A driver pulls up to an intersection and is confronted with his conviction and guilt about donating money to a homeless man. A thought provoking sermon illustration.

31. The Impact of Words

While working with high school youth, Travis noticed the positive impact that his words were having when his students started to be more mindful of the things they were saying. This real-life story originally appeared in Watch Your Mouth with Tony Evans. 

32. There Is No Gospel-Free Zone

Many people may never step into a church, but will gladly go to a bar or local pub. Knowing this, Ezra founded the Bible and Beer Consortium, a gathering of believers and non-believers where the things of God, His Word, and the gospel are openly discussed. This real-life story was originally seen in “Thriving in Babylon” with Larry Osborne.

33. Used By God

Lavenia, although afraid, obeyed The Holy Spirit’s urging to share God’s love with a man on the street. The response she received was not what she expected. This real-life story originally appeared in Watch Your Mouth with Tony Evans.

34. Generosity from Abundance

Cheryl and Bill decided to exercise extravagant generosity when God blessed them financially. Their pastor told them about an opportunity to help a pregnancy resource center—a ministry that resonated with Bill and Cheryl due to their own family story. This real-life story originally appeared in The Treasure Principle with Randy Alcorn.

35. Saved in Prison

Cynthia tells the story of her radical conversion after being imprisoned for drug possession, use, and dealing. Saved by God’s grace, she now works as a full-time chaplain in the county jail.

36. In Community, For Community

When Rachel moved to a new city by herself, she felt discouraged about where to serve. But when she connected with a new friend who shared her passions, God opened doors for them to meet a local need and serve the community together. This story can also be found in the “Living Life Together” Bible Study featuring Shauna Niequist.

37. Joy in Medical Missions

Hardwin is a successful physician, but was hesitant to take part in any medical mission trips out of fear. After the nudging of a good friend, he decided to travel with a team to Ethiopia to provide general medical care. On the trip Hardwin’s eyes were opened to see God in a new way. This story can also be found in All the Places to Go featuring John Ortberg.

38. Evangel Ministries

Evangel Ministries, serving in Detroit, MI, is the overflow of one church’s commitment to valuing work in their city. This real-life story profiles the community impact experienced when a church understands that their work is worship. This story is featured in the course, “Closing the Sunday to Monday Gap.”

39. Social Justice and the Gospel

Amanda had an interest in social justice, but then trusting in Christ transformed her and the way that she reached out to serve and mentor young girls. Now Amanda lives in the same poor neighborhood as the girls she mentors and shows love to them in every facet of life.

40. Special Olympics Coach

Brian wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. He uses his passion and talents to serve as a coach for a Special Olympics basketball team. You’ll hear from the team and others how much impact he has had in their lives. And you’ll hear the joy and fulfillment that Brian has from these friendships. Brian traded in his free time to coach Special Olympics.