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1. Disenchanted

He seemed like Prince Charming! But now, ten years later…things are different. He’s not quite so charming. What once was a fantasy has been crowded out by fantasy football, and the man who used to slay dragons now won’t even kill spiders. What happened?

2. Marriage Fixer Upper

Chet and Susanna Baines are here to make some modifications to help you improve your marriage and flip things around! They will tear down walls, open up the relationship, and fix your load-bearing issues until you have the marriage of your dreams! They are the Marriage Fixer Uppers.

3. The Nag

Something is there. It won’t leave him alone. The whisper keeps growing louder, escalating into a scream. There’s no place to hide. There’s no escape from the nag.

4. Follow

In this moving illustration, a young man reflects on his relationship with his father, realizing the impact that seeing his father’s faith lived out made on him. Use this clip to encourage parents to be intentional about living a faith that is seen by their children.

5. Is It Hot In Here

What is the most common argument couples have just before going to bed? Is it really an argument about sex? Find out in this humorous video illustration.

6. The First Argument

This humorous clip brings to light what the first argument just might have been for Adam & Eve in the garden.

7. Not-So-Newlyweds

What exactly distinguishes a newlywed couple from a “not so newlywed” couple? Find out in this humorous marriage video illustration.

8. Regrets You'll Never Have

Every moment you spend with your child helps build their character and influences who they are becoming. In this poignant illustration, parents voice regrets they’ll never have.

9. Parent Pep Talk

No matter young or old, kids always need encouragement and love from their parents. This video illustration highlights the power of the affirming words parents give their children.

10. 50 Ways to Say I Love You

This brief music video illustration takes a creative look at the details of raising children and how parents can show love to them in simple ways.

11. Learning to Love

Marriage was difficult for Julie and Larry from the very beginning. In continual conflict, she found it hard to submit to her husband, and he was discouraged and felt inadequate. But when both of them began to display the love of Christ to each other, their marriage was transformed. This real-life story originally appeared in The Crazy Cycle with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. 

12. Faith Increased By Trials

When told that her daughter Ellie would never walk or talk, Stacy cried out for God to heal her. God not only healed Ellie, but also taught Stacy many things about love through the trial. This real-life story originally appeared in Watch Your Mouth with Tony Evans.

13. Heart break of a wayward Son

In this real-life story, Tony and Mary Anne candidly share the struggles and questions they have when their son becomes disrespectful and rebellious.

14. Fear and adoption

Johanna and her husband tried to have kids, but no kids came. She fought the fear of not measuring up to her family’s standards, since they expected a large family. She and her husband decided to adopt two girls with traumatic pasts. Now she encounters new fears about parenting. This real-life story was originally featured in Fear and Faith with Trillia Newbell.

15. Heartache in pregnancy

After an ultrasound showed abnormalities with their unborn child, Carrie and her husband share how they dealt with the many emotions of grief and came to God with their honest questions. This story can also be found in Better, featuring Tim Chaddick.

16. Pain in Pregnancy

Shannon was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was told she could never have kids. After she miraculously had her first son, she hoped for more children. She and her husband lost their next two kids before twenty weeks and now fear what might happen to the child they’re expecting. This real-life story was originally featured in Fear and Faith with Trillia Newbell.

17. Forgiveness and Trust

Keeli and her husband struggled to communicate and connect when she worked days and he worked nights. Days before their divorce, God graciously intervened. Listen to Keeli share how the Lord moved in their hearts to save their marriage. This story can also be found in the Living Life Together Bible Study featuring Shauna Niequist.

18. Trials build deeper trust

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church near Dallas, and his wife, Lauren, share how the Lord has expanded their faith and caused them to live more intentionally with the discovery of Matt’s malignant brain tumor.

19. Can this marriage be saved?

Todd and Lisa are a typical couple just trying to raise kids and make ends meet. But they have differing ideas on how to get that done. In this compelling real-life story, you’ll hear how conflict affects their marriage as they honestly struggle with the question, “Can we make this marriage work?”

20. Marriage Restoration after adultry

Roland and Cynthia had a pretty good marriage and were active in their local church. Neither one thought their marriage could be hit by adultery. This candid real-life story illustrates how even a marriage broken by betrayal can be saved when both are willing to let God restore the relationship.

21. Is God Listening?

Abby didn’t know what to do with her life. When she met John, she got involved in partying and ending up getting pregnant. She became mad at God and turned to food for comfort. She compared herself to others a lot and just felt that God wasn’t listening. When she started going to church and learning more about Christ, the process of healing began. She now has a full and joyful life today and loves her family. Use this powerful real-life story to teach on God’s silence, forgiveness, and healing.

22. Strong-Willed Child

Aaron and Michelle were blessed with a spirited baby girl named Ashton. But Michelle feels like a failure when Ashton’s strong-willed actions cause chaos. She feels that there is either something wrong with Ashton or there must be something wrong with her. This real-life story illustrates the frustrations of many parents who are struggling with a difficult child.

23. Who Is In Control?

Heather’s parents dropped out of church when she was in middle school and she became a promiscuous teen. After high school she found herself alone with a baby to take care of. Heather cried out to God for help, but continued down her own path. Heather then realized that when she tried to do things her own way, there was no peace and no joy, so she turned back to God and gave Him control.

24. Building in Financial Trust

In this real-life story, Joel and Erica discuss their financial struggles. Erica brought debt into the marriage and they went farther into debt as the months passed. Erica shares how Joel’s behavior destroyed trust. Eventually, she took over the finances and they made drastic decisions including a move into a smaller apartment.

25. Help for Haiti

As newlyweds, Ben & Katie sought God’s will for their lives together. Giving up their comfortable life in the United States, they became teachers in Haiti. The devastating earthquake hit soon after they arrived. Ben & Katie found they were needed more than ever to help those who lost everything. Ben & Katie traded in the American Dream to help others.

26. Job Loss & Lacking Intimacy

Ken went through multiple job losses in a five year period. Eventually, Ken and Lisa had to file for bankruptcy. Lisa reveals her struggle to deal with the hardship. Because of all the stress, their romance and intimacy was effected and Lisa had a hard time respecting her husband.

27. An Insecure Marriage

Kalen admits to getting married out of guilt. He reveals that pre-marital sex caused a lot of insecurities. Julie and Kalen both reveal how difficult marriage can be when it doesn’t go the way you want.

28. Walls of Resentment

Kim became resentful when she felt little support when it came to her passion for missions. Zech reveals that much of his time revolved around playing in his band as a musician. He admits to dismissing her input to their relationship and family.

29. Multiple Miscarriages

In this real-life story, Matt and Jennifer discuss how several miscarriages had a significant impact on their relationship, especially their romance and intimacy.

30. Disconnected Emotionally

When Greg and Kelly’s child was diagnosed with autism, Greg didn’t know how to deal with it emotionally so he shut down and tried to escape. Kelly felt mad and alone. Because they weren’t communicating about their feelings, the health of their marriage deteriorated.

31. All Attention to Parents

In this real-life story, Alissa and Shane share about the stress of marriage, and specifically about how the attention Alissa gave to her parents instead of her husband Shane impacted their relationship.

32. Blended Family Challenges

When Gary married Elizabeth, he immediately took on the role of father. Gary reveals the struggle in having to lay down the law due to the lack of discipline in the children. Elizabeth was more easy going and gave into the kids. Their marriage was really challenged because Elizabeth took the side of her children.

33. Spiritual Clashes

Gordon and Tanya have marital problems when it comes to joining and attending church. Gordon feels resentment towards her for joining the church without him and Tanya feels like he should be doing more as a husband and father.

34. Pornography's Devastation

In this real-life story, Kelly shares how Chris never seemed interested in sex. She became insecure and very unhappy. A few years later, she found pornography around the house. She was heartbroken and wanted to be connected. Chris wanted to be able to control it and stop viewing it.

35. Liking, But Not Loving Each Other

In this real-life story, Ty and Cindy share how they’re both really critical people who have a lot of expectations. They share about their anger and unforgiveness issues when they were first married and how they did not act like Christians.

36. Carrying Family Baggage

Chris and Christie share candidly about not keeping their marriage a priority and the family baggage that impacted their relationship. They both eventually had affairs, at different times, and decided to separate. They’ve tried to get back with each other multiple times but each time the reconciliation effort has ended in failure.

37. Serving as Foster Parents

Chase and Elizabeth share about the devastation of having their first miscarriage and the toll it took on their marriage. They started looking at ways to adopt and were blessed with two foster children. Serving as foster parents has been so rewarding as they’ve been able to be the hands and feet of Christ to the hurting. Serving in this way has grown their marriage in ways they’ve never seen before.

38. Expectations Not Played Out

In their marriage, Adam and Brooke have asked, “Did we make a mistake?” In this real-life story, they reveal their communication styles, expectations, and different point of views. And that ultimately, marriage is hard work.

39. Remarrying Each Other

In this real life story, Bill was heavily focused on work and being successful. Stacey felt the distance and kept wondering if she was doing something wrong. There was a lack of connection and coldness in their marriage. Eventually, Bill filed for divorce. They share their story of getting remarried and putting God first in their marriage.

40. In-Law Conflict

In this real-life story, Kevin and Amanda share about their struggles with his parents. The kind of relationship Amanda has with her in-laws is really not a relationship at all and the words said about her have caused enormous conflict in their marriage.