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1. A History Teacher’s Lesson in the Gospel

As a teacher, Antonea hoped to share Jesus’ love with her students, but hostility in the school threatened to squash that hope. But by building relationships with her students over time, Antonea has earned the right to speak hope into their lives. This true story appeared first in the series “Thriving in Babylon,” which features Larry Osborne. 

2. Faith in the World of Fashion

As a makeup artist in the fashion world, Lana knew she needed to live her faith out every day. She couldn’t keep it locked away in a closet. But showing God’s love proved to be riskier than she thought. This true story appeared originally in the series “Thriving in Babylon” featuring Larry Osborne.



3. Face to Face with Death and Life

As a doctoral candidate, Steve thought he knew everything he needed to about human destiny. But when faced with his mortality after a shooting spree on his campus, Steve had to come to terms with the depth of God’s grace through Jesus.

4. Scars That Lead to Hope

Sergei tells the story of fighting with God after suffering life-altering burns over a quarter of his body. In the midst of his suffering, he had to come face-to-face with the God who saved him—body and soul. This true story originally appeared in the series “Thriving in Babylon” featuring Larry Osborne. 

5. An Unlikely Friendship

Margi serves with an organization that teaches English to internationals. Ellen was one of her students, but today, Margi and Ellen consider each other family. They describe what brought them closer and the beauty found in cross-cultural relationships. This story can also be found in the “Living Life Together” Bible Study featuring Shauna Niequist.

6. Sharing Christ in a Coffee Shop

Shay spends a lot of time studying in her neighborhood coffee shop, along with many others who gather to hang out. She finds daily opportunities to share about Christ and how He changed her life. This real-life story will encourage you to find ways to share Christ with others in your daily conversations.

7. Fired For Witnessing at Work

As a newlywed, Jeremiah was fired for sharing his faith at work. This powerful real-life story reveals how following Christ is not always an easy road, but God is always in control even through questions and doubts.

8. A New Kind of Missionary

Your work matters to God. In this real-life story, Dean shares how God is using his career as a FedEx lawyer to impact God’s Kingdom in a way that only he could. Dean is on mission for God as a new kind of missionary who sees his career as a significant avenue to impact others for Christ.

9. Joy and Peace in Christ

Erik tried to fill the emptiness with drugs, girls, and alcohol. He explored other religions but only found joy and peace in Jesus. He was saved, but then fell back into sin and missed that sense of joy. After he rededicated his life to Jesus, he realized life isn’t worth anything without God.

10. Reaching Out to Others

Brenda had a troubled childhood and bullied other kids at school, but Lindsey reached out to her and invited her to church. Brenda was radically transformed, and now she shares her faith with others even though she’s often chastised for it.

11. Those Who Haven't Heard

Tue grew up in Vietnam and worshiped his ancestors. He came to America for school and met a friend who told him about Jesus for the very first time. He believes in Jesus, but worries about his family in Vietnam and all the billions of people in the world that haven’t heard the gospel.

12. A Father Who Is There

Olivia felt alone and abandoned after her dad left. Deep depression led Olivia to cut herself. One day, a friend invited Olivia to church to see her get baptized. In the church, Olivia noticed all these people that had a real relationship with God, and she realized she wanted that too. She connected with God through prayer, recognizing that he is always there—that she is never alone. This story can also be found in Prayer featuring Francis Chan.

13. Transforming Relationships

Walt was an alcoholic and drug-addicted father who was completely transformed when he met Christ. His fulfillment now comes from serving the homeless and seeing their lives changed by Jesus inside and out.

14. A Different Kind of Prayer

Jonathan is friends with several Muslims at school. Jonathan intentionally sat with these friends at lunch. One day, Jonathan began praying out loud over his food before he ate. When he finished, he realized that his friends had all stopped what they were doing to listen. Jonathan and his friends were able to talk about why Christians pray. This story can also be found in Prayer featuring Francis Chan. 

15. The Only Christian at Home

Schelbi reveals the pressure she faces being the only Christian in her household.

16. GRITS: Using Rap to Share Christ

The members of GRITS band share how they make it a point to reach out to people who have a temporary mindset and offer them a permanent answer. GRITS reveals how it’s not their goal to market Christ but to be like Him.

17. Leaving The Stripper Lifestyle

Heather had a very difficult childhood that included a broken home, poverty, rape and promiscuity. She became a stripper in Las Vegas to support her young son; and she knew her lifestyle reflected how she felt about herself. Heather was crushed when churchgoers snubbed her, but as soon as she arrived at that church she knew that God accepted her. She left that lifestyle and now serves the women from the club industry by making sure they know they are loved and accepted by God.

18. A Friend's Witness

Leia shares about going her own way and getting involved with a guy who introduced her to parties and alcohol. She shares how one girl at her school reached out and encouraged her toward a genuine relationship with Christ.

19. The Church Saved My Life

In this dramatic real-life story, Gabriel shares how his life of guns and gangs was radically redirected by the love of one church.

20. The Gospel and a Barber Shop

Dooney strives to be a living example of Christ to all those that he encounters in his barbershop. God has also given him the passion to minister to youth through Christian rap music. Using profits from his barbershop, Dooney reaches out to teenagers by recording and performing rap music.

21. Ministering to Your Neighbors

When Wes found his faith in Christ as a young adult, he was determinedto live out his faith every day. Wes and his wife started ministering in their apartment with Bible Studies and connected people to a church community.

22. Sharing Your Faith Before it is Too Late

As graduation approached, Merianna saw the window of opportunity to closely interact with her friends coming to an end. Merianna found little ways to show her faith with her friends from high school.

23. Conflicting Beliefs

When Matt became a Christian, his beliefs conflicted with the lifestyle of his twin brother Cody.

24. Once Upon A Time

The greatest love story of all began in a garden with one man, one woman, and God who loved them. This reflective illustration encourages us with the message of love—our rescue after mankind succumbed to sin.

25. By...

This dramatic illustration highlights remarkable inventions and works of art that have changed history, but challenges us to remember that God is ultimately the Creator of all.

26. Bad Work

Our work’s not the important thing, as long as we remember to tell people about Jesus, right? but what if your work was so bad that it ruined your witness? These funny illustration reminds us that that seemingly non-spiritual things have a big impact on our reputations as Christ’s witnesses.

27. Order Your Faith

When we choose to follow Jesus, He is Lord. We do not order our lives; He directs our path. This coffee shop illustration is a comical look at “ordering” the easy parts of living out our faith.

28. Witnessola

It is possible, due to innovative technology, to witness without actually knowing the Gospel, but maybe we should learn it ourselves. This humorous video illustration will make you laugh… and think!

29. Bubble Creek Canyon

Take a tour of Bubble Creek Canyon, a master-planned community where you can live in a Christian bubble and truly be set apart. This exaggerated illustration challenges us to make an impact in our world.

30. The Weight of the Cross

When Jesus carried the cross through the streets of Jerusalem, he struggled with more than the weight of two pieces of timber. Jesus suffered death on a cross and brought love and grace to humanity. This video illustration shows how Jesus bore the burden of every evil and sinful act man has ever committed.

31. Jesus The Ultimate Gift

How do you explain Jesus in a culture that prizes betrayal? Missionaries in New Guinea discovered a curious custom: Wars ended when one chief offered his baby to the enemy tribe.

32. A Man Fell in a Hole

A modern parable, this insightful video illustration examines the life of a man searching through the false promises of other religions and finding his salvation in Christ.

33. The Greatest Story Ever Told

This emotional clip shows the power of gathering as a family during the Christmas holiday and reading the account of Christ’s birth. For everyone, everywhere, it’s still the greatest story ever told.

34. Resurrection

When Jesus carried the cross through the streets of Jerusalem, he struggled with more than the weight of two pieces of timber. Jesus suffered death on a cross and brought love and grace to humanity. This video illustration shows how Jesus bore the burden of every evil and sinful act man has ever committed.

35. He Was

This video is a moving contemplation of the suffering that Jesus willingly endured, and a poignant reminder that He did it for each one of us. The video shows the power of the cross and the crucifixion of Jesus. It is also perfect to show around Easter.

36. Contagion

If the Great Commission were only for pastors, how many people would hear the Gospel? This thoughtful illustration is a reminder that we all are called to share the Good News. Don’t quarantine your faith.

37. What is Grace?

Our video crew scoured the streets trying to find out what people thought about grace.

38. Prophecy Fulfilled

This moving video illustration reveals how Old Testament prophecy by Micah and Isaiah was fulfilled when a child was born in the small town of Bethlehem Ephrathah.

39. Water

A symbolic look at the significant role water has played throughout the Bible. This thoughtful video illustration is a reminder of the new life in Christ available to all mankind.

40. Where is God in Your Life?

This clever sermon illustration takes a look at our struggle for balance and priorities and asks us to reflect on where we place God in our lives.